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Project Timeline

Aug. 2023 - Now

My Role



UX Designer 

UX Researcher

Carina Zhao (Cofounder, PM)

Rachel Lee (Engineer)

Maxine Liu (Engineer)

Sylvana Poon (UXR)


  • Conduct user research

  • Create digital wireframes, low and high-fidelity prototypes

  • Conduct usability tests

Design Challenge

Many students in Claremont Colleges (5C) were frustrated by the current 5C second-hand platform (Facebook group: 7C for Sale). It was disorganized and not efficient enough for both student buyers and sellers to search for or post second-hand information. 


If students feel there's a big barrier to deal with second-hand items, a lot of books, furnitures, and clothings will be wasted...


A well-organized and easy-to-navigate second hand platform for 5C students.

Design Solution Overview

Kapture 2022-12-22 at 11.25.02.gif

Stories Behind ... 

Current 5C Second-hand Platform Observation

Current Facebook Group.png

​Below are 3 of my major observations, which triggered me to take these up and investigate them further. ​​

User Research


  • I conducted 10 user interviews to understand users' needs. The primary user group identified through research were 5C students who have bought or sold or done both second-hand items before. 


  • ​Using affinity map to identify trends and patterns in their second-hand transactions pain points. 

Affinity Map

Research Insights

The user research validated my previous user pain points observation.  ​​​


Student buyers expect to have a better filter system to find matching items more efficiently.​


Student sellers need a personal dashboard to organize their selling information, especially when they have multiple transactions. 


Students buyers are unwilling to make a selling PPT themselves and hope to use existing templates.


User Persona

I created two user personas to synthesize users' core needs and better define the problems I want to tackle. 

User Persona 1
User Persona-1 (2).png

Ideating Solution

​How might we design an online second-hand marketplace (website) to help 5C student buyers and sellers to search or post information more efficiently?  

Based on feedback from the usability tests, there are 3 major improvements in my design 

User Testing and Iteration

Frame 2132 (1).png


Frame 1.png

High Fidelity Prototype

Browsing and selecting 

Viewing product details
Ordering product

Creating selling listings  Managing transactions 

Style Guide

Style Guide-2.png


What I learned

  • Always connect back to the primary goal

    • Instead of focusing on all feedback from every user, it is more important to grab some of the most important feedback that aligned with your primary goal​

  • Be process-driven, not solution-driven

    • Finding solutions is important, but try to not let solutions limit yourself from brainstorming a wide variety of ideas in the ideation phase

    • Think outside the box and explore wild, whimsical ideas are totally OK 

    • There's never a wrong idea

  • Be aware that you are "the fish in the water"

    • Designers are always "fishes in the water" and might not be able to easily identify users' real needs

    • Avoid making assumptions and try to ask more open-ended questions while talking to users

Next Step

Develop MVP with engineers and invite a small group of users for testing

Establish metrics to measure success 

Balance design goal and business goal 

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