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UX Designer


This is Ruby Wang!

A creative problem solver and "dot connector" passionate about creating innovative and inclusive human-centered experiences and products.

​My Design

ICare Mental Health App

We Act Grant Project (Individual)

UX Designer & UX Researcher

A mobile app that empowers international students to navigate complex mental health systems and make connections.

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Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 9.47.05 PM.png

J*Crow Website

Non-Profit Design Project 
UX Designer

A platform that helps Black women and Women of Color impacted by the U.S. criminal justice system gain financial literacy and find community.

Astro Game

Serious Game

Game Designer

A digital game designed to support parents of autistic children, and also let the general public gain insights into the lives of these families.

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 10.48.58 PM.png

SimAdventure Game

Educational Game  

Game Designer

A narrative-based psychology game that helps players engage in self-exploration in a simplified setting: nature.   

5Cycle 2nd Hand Platform

Self-initiated Project  

Co-founder | UX Designer & Researcher

A second-hand online marketplace to improve  5C (Claremont Colleges) students‘ on-campus second-hand transaction experience.  

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Screenshot 2023-04-07 at 18.15.23.png

Human Centered Design Project 

Non-Profit Design Project 

Human Centered Designer

This project is a 9-week design engagement with an external non-profit urban agriculture organization to address real-world soil health challenges.  

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