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A platform that helps Black women and Women of Color impacted by the U.S. criminal justice system gain legal and financial literacy


May - Aug 2023

(4 Months)

Project Type

Team Project

My Role

UX Research 

UX Design


  • Figma

  • Webflow

  • Google Form

  • Figjam

Project Process

User Research

Secondary Research 

   Literary Analysis

   Competitor Analysis

Primary Research 

   Expert Interview

   User Interview 




Design System

Low-fi Design 

Design Iteration

High-fi Design

Information Architecture

Webflow Development

Usability Testing

Presentation to clients 

Design handoff

Project Overview

About J*Crow

  • J*Crow is a nonprofit that aims to usher in a new era of economic justice for Black Women and Women of Color impacted by the U.S. criminal justice system. Their goal is to equip these women with financial, legal, entrepreneurial, and workforce resources to uplift them and their families.

About Develop for Good

  • Develop for Good (DFG) is a nonprofit that supports teams of diverse college students as they work on real-world tech projects under professional mentors for other nonprofits and make meaningful impact. J*Crow is one of the projects during DFG 2023 summer batch.

Project Objective

  • Black Women and Women of Color make up <11% of jail and prison populations, yet pay >60% amount of fees to the U.S. criminal justice system. There’s a severe lack of financial and economic resources for this population: most resources are catered towards Black men, while 90% of the Black economy is women.

  • This project would benefit Black women + WOC impacted by the criminal justice system. Creating a welcoming and functional website would expose its users (potential J*Crow partners and the Women of Color community) to financial resources as well as an open community.

Final Deliverable

Project Final Deliverable

A sneak peek of what we did (About 1 min)👇

Project Final Award

Our team has received the most aesthetic award on Develop for Good 2023 Demo Day among 30+ teams.


01 Connecting with the Client 

  • Our team understood that the website required digital financial, legal, entrepreneurial, and workforce resources that empower Women of Color. These resources encompass pilot courses and mentorship programs covering financial literacy (JFi) and entrepreneurship (JStart). A key objective of the website is to secure $250K in funding next year.

  • Achieving this goal demands a responsive website that is especially easy to use on mobile devices. This design relies on a powerful brand identity grounded in comprehensive UX research. Because our client wanted a mobile-friendly and highly customized site, we designed on Figma and built on Webflow, a no-code platform.

02 Identify User Group

  • Before starting the user research process, we identified our user research groups and aimed to understand their goals and challenges. Using literary analysis, we gained deeper insights into our issue and target audiences, while competitive analysis helped us recognize the unaddressed needs within the user groups.

  • User Research Groups

    • Black Women and Women of Color ​

    • Funders and Social impact investors

03 Literary Analysis

  • The historical backdrop of racism, dating back to the "Slave Patrol" of the 1700s, emphasizes the deep-rooted mistreatment of Black women and women of color within this system and is only the beginning of their persecution. Our analysis encompassed factors contributing to this issue:

    • Stringent sentencing policies

    • War on drugs

    • Absence of gender-responsive

    • Trauma-informed approaches within the system

    • Mental health issues

  • These articles exposed us to the complex matters of charged domestic abuse survivors and overpoliced young black children, who are often vulnerable and acting in self-defense or running away from unsafe homes. Additionally, we explored the intricate legal journey when interacting with law enforcement, a tedious process marked by various stages and associated fees.

04 Competitive Analysis

Step 1 General Analysis

Our team conducted a competitive analysis on these organization websites

Insights from competitive analysis

Step 2 Focus Analysis

Throughout the project, we referenced and Designers for Climate most frequently.

Both websites

  • are colorful and interactive

  • are easy to navigate

  • use clean, simple layouts

  • use geometric graphic elements

Key takeaway from these two websites



01 Information Architecture

  • The team and client developed a site map together on how the information on the website should be laid out among the different pages. At the midpoint of our project, our client made adjustments as she got feedback from her stakeholders and partners on what would be necessary/unnecessary to have on the J*Crow website.

  • Some of the changes made include rearranging page order, cutting down the number of pages, and combining J*Crow resources into a Get Started page.

Final Information Architecture

02 Website Design



After the designer and client review, we moved on to making adjustments and focusing on establishing a brand design in the mid-fi’s. Some of the major changes made from the low-fi include:

Creating a bold hero section

Incorporating Imagery


After the designer and client review, we moved on to making adjustments and focusing on establishing a brand design in the mid-fi’s. Some of the major changes made from the low-fi include:

Designing a logo, establishing typography and refining illustrations

Create visually appealing flows and clear contrasts


Final Prototype

'About Us' page

Learn more about how J*Crow started, their mission, theory of change, core values, as well as connect with the founder

About us.gif
Get Started.gif

'Get Started' page

Include J*Crow's community resources as well as their process to help Women of Color increase their financial and business literacy

'Contact Us' page

Share J*Crow's current partners and give the opportunity to become a partner or ask questions, address concerns or comments through an embedded form

Contact us.gif

User Testing

01 User Testing Process

Our team of designers performed a total of 10 interviews for user testing. We received both overall and specific feedback on the brand identity, user flow, page layouts, etc. Users thought the website “feels very exciting and lofty” thanks to the bold color story and typography and overall “feminine design”. Several stakeholders also expressed positive feedback on the website’s overall design and functionality.

Some specific feedback we received:

  • Make the Homepage hero section more visually impactful + some sort of illustration to give viewers the idea of who and what J*Crow is

  • Include a more concrete “What we do” kind of messaging, as part of “The Problem” section

  • Add CTA to drive clients/partners to other site pages

  • Need more visuals/infographics in general; very text-heavy

  • Craft more impactful and clear copy

We identified all of the feedback that we received to create a cohesive and informational website.
We also took into account the feedback our client gave us based on the interviews she had with clients, partners, and specific stakeholders.

02 User Testing Results

We were able to help JCrow achieve its goal of building a visually appealing digital platform to appeal to users and stakeholders by creating an aesthetically pleasing, fully functional and responsive website. We were able to successfully achieve this goal by creating bold visuals and engaging, storytelling content that helps to tell JCrow's story and connect with their audience.


From our client Kelli Morgan

With our partnership with Develop for Good, we have received 16 weeks of technical services for the Summer 2023, including an 8-person women of color volunteer team of custom-made-to-order design and development services. This is equivalent to up to ~800 hours of technical work for the expansion of our online presence: websites, apps, and data visualizations.

From users

Definitely with the typography coupled with the non-white background, it gives me the hint that it’s for women. Feminine design —- I can tell right away.

Based on the text, it’s very clear who they are and what they do.

This feels very exciting and lofty as a first look of a website.

Meet Our Founding Design Team

J*Crow’s site was built through a partnership with Develop For Good, a nonprofit that matches student volunteers to different organizations. We are proud to have worked with a diverse, 100% women-led team with students from the US and Canada.

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